Titanium Screw-threaded Paracord Beads


Made from premium titanium alloy, these lightweight and sturdy beads ensure your paracord is securely held with a neat, concealed end. They are available in mysterious colors and add a stylish touch to any EDC gear, from knives to keychains.

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Adding Personality to Your EDC Gear: Titanium Screw-Threaded Paracord Beads

  • Crafted from Premium Titanium Alloy: Ensure lightweight and sturdy
  • Screw-Threaded Precision: Engineered to hold your paracord securely, ensuring a firm grip and neat finish
  • CNC Machine Carving: CNC machine carving makes the paracord beads show design sophistication
  • Perfect Fit: Compatible with paracord diameters up to 4.5mm, offering versatile use for various projects
  • Neat and Tidy: The innovative design conceals the rope end for a polished, professional look
  • Fidget-Friendly: Features a rotating mid-body that doubles as a satisfying fidget toy for those moments of idle time.
  • Enchanting Colors: Available in a range of mysterious color options that add a touch of intrigue to your gear
  • Versatile Decoration: Elevate the aesthetics of your everyday carry items, such as EDC knives, with these stylish beads
Weight 11 g
Model Series

Model A Blue Color, Model A Blue Flame, Model A Ti Color, Model B Blue, Model B Blue Flame, Model B Ti Color


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Titanium Screw-threaded Paracord BeadsTitanium Screw-threaded Paracord Beads
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